Actor Jon Voight exposes: “Biden’s war against all of us”

In a passionate video shared on his social media account, Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight issued a stark warning to the American public a year before the 2024 presidential elections, alleging that Democrats are engaged in what he called “demolition operations” against former President Donald Trump. Voight believes that this orchestrated effort is plunging the nation into “a war against all of us.”

“The administration is a corrupt mob. This is a horror,” Voight declared in the video. He expressed deep concern over what he perceives as a corrupt Biden administration and suggested that the Obama administration is contributing to this cycle of corruption.

Voight described the behavior of the current administration against Trump as “the most disgusting scheme” to keep the former president down. He criticized what he sees as a liberal system that allows criminals to steal from department stores with minimal consequences.

Voight urged Americans not to resort to begging and stealing but to uphold the truths guided by faith. He implored people not to allow deceit against President Trump to prevail, as he believes that it will lead to regret for future generations.

The actor, who has received the National Medal of Arts, expressed his wish for the public to recognize Trump as a leader who seeks to save America and preserve its freedom. He urged people not to let the manipulation of big government destroy the nation’s purpose and light.

Voight emphasized the importance of standing up for truths and freedoms, highlighting the need to safeguard the principles upon which the United States was founded.

The actor’s video, posted on August 29, garnered over 13,600 reposts and nearly 40,000 likes on the platform. Many users commented on the post, with some suggesting that Joe Biden’s government is a “puppet” administration controlled by former President Obama.

Voight’s sentiments reflect growing concerns among conservatives that efforts are underway to prevent Trump from seeking and potentially winning re-election in 2024. These concerns have arisen due to the complex legal battles and political maneuvers involving Trump since his departure from office.

The video resonated with many who expressed support for Voight’s message and called for action against perceived corruption and a deep state. Some users referred to Voight’s warning as a “1776 moment” and urged people not to let it pass.

The actor’s concerns are rooted in reports and analyses of recent events, particularly the intense focus on preventing Trump’s return to power. These efforts have included impeachment proceedings, legal cases, and ongoing debates about the 2020 election and its aftermath. Critics argue that such efforts may have First Amendment implications and question their legality compared to the treatment of other political figures.