14 U.S. Cities Ban Basics Necessities: Are You One of Them?

In a chilling vision of America’s future, 14 major U.S. cities are gearing up to strip away basic freedoms and choices by 2030. These urban centers plan to put an end to all meat and dairy consumption, and wave goodbye to private vehicle ownership altogether. Why? All to bow down to the extremist mandates set by the so-called C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group:

• Austin, Texas • Boston, Massachusetts • Chicago, Illinois • Houston, Texas • Los Angeles, California • Miami, Florida • New Orleans, Louisiana • New York City, New York • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Phoenix, Arizona • Portland, Oregon • San Francisco, California • Washington, D.C. • Seattle, Washington

These cities, under the sway of the C40 initiative, are eyeing a dystopian future with a radical objective: zero meat and dairy consumption, limited to three new clothing items per individual annually, a total eradication of private vehicle ownership, and a cap of one short flight every three years per person.

This draconian blueprint was detailed in the ominously titled “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World” report, first circulated in 2019 and ominously spotlighted in 2023—a year marked by financial upheaval hinting at the dawn of a terrifying new world order.

The puppet master behind the scenes? Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who infamously sought the presidency to deafening silence from the electorate. He’s the main financier of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. And while 14 American cities have eagerly jumped aboard this freedom-crushing train, 86 cities globally are set to join the march against individual rights by 2030.

Yet, while ordinary citizens will be shackled by these austere rules, Bloomberg himself will likely continue living the high life, indulging in gourmet meals and enjoying unrestricted private air travel. Meanwhile, the common folk? They’re on the fast track to becoming mere serfs in Bloomberg’s twisted version of the world.

The chilling ambitions of the C40 Cities remain largely unreported by a complicit mainstream media. Any attempts to shed light on this alarming initiative are quickly smothered with a barrage of “fact-checks” seeking to label the information as mere “conspiracy theory.”

Case in point: AFP Fact Check’s recent assault on conservative icon Glenn Beck, painting his reference to the C40’s radical agenda as “not policy recommendations.”

Yet, the term “target” used by the C40 Cities report makes it clear: this is their end game. As Evita Duffy-Alfonso of The Federalist points out, these “ambitious targets” wouldn’t be labeled as such if they weren’t the desired outcomes.

Simultaneously, as billionaire elites snatch up real estate and farmlands globally, the West’s middle class finds itself crushed under the weight of unattainable zero-emissions policies. Centralized control appears to be tightening its grip.

For those who value their freedoms and reside in the aforementioned cities, the question looms: is it time to seek refuge elsewhere?