WTF!! Biden Sharing Military Jet Secrets with India

The popular radio host, Mark Levin, has voiced his thoughts on the recent action taken by President Joe Biden. This involved giving another country access to America’s advanced fighter jet technology.

The White House, under Biden’s ok, agreed to a deal with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With this agreement, General Electric, an American company, will join forces with Hindustan Aeronautics, an Indian government-owned company, to build jet engines.

Levin wasn’t surprised by Biden’s decision, but he wasn’t pleased either. He questioned why the US is sharing its technology and letting India manufacture our engines for the first time.

According to Levin, America is facing challenges and needs to focus on improving its industries, like the ones producing jets and tanks. However, he believes Biden’s recent decision is not helping this cause. He said, “He claims he supports America and labor unions, yet he’s quick to send our jobs overseas.”

Levin emphasized the importance of jet engine technology, describing it as the most valuable aspect of aviation technology.

He criticized Biden’s decision, stating, “This person in the presidency is giving our technology to the Indian government.”

While this is a significant step forward for India’s aerospace industry, Levin fears it may not benefit America. He suggested, “Now another country has our technology. Perhaps someone in the Biden family is benefiting from this.”

Historically, the US has not allowed other nations access to such vital technology. But Biden’s actions have marked a change in this policy.

Levin made a sarcastic remark, “With Biden in the White House; we’re ready to share our technology with everyone. Does India want it? Sure. If China takes it, that’s okay too. If their economy improves, ours will too.”