U.S. Senator Caught STEALING Thousands In Campaign Funds


We all know that campaign finance laws were being abused by Democrat leaders. But this takes the cake.

Democrat Senator Doug Jones from Alabama has been caught using campaign money for extravagant vacations in Europe, according to a breaking report by Fox News. 

Here’s What Jones Bought Using Other People’s Money

According to Fox, Jone’s campaign fund records show that he spent nearly $3,500 to stay in luxury hotels located in London and Paris. The vacation’s were described by the network as being a “getaway” for the Democrat Senator.

“The Alabama Democrat spent $487 to stay at the K+K Hotel Cayre in Paris, billed as ‘a beautiful historic building located in heart of Saint Germain Des Prés’ that’s within walking distance to Eiffel Tower and the Louvre,” the Fox report reads.

The report later states that Jones “also spent $1,296 at the Baglioni Hotel in London, which describes itself as ‘one of the finest 5-star luxury hotels in London” that’s located in “one of the most exclusive, elegant and celebrated parts of the city.'”

The Movement To Fire Doug Jones

Needless to say, Republicans aren’t happy about the news. Many people are even suggesting that the disgraceful senator get FIRED for his actions.

One such person is Bradley Byrne, who is trying to take his place in the U.S. Senate to fight for conservative values.

The Truth About Jones

You probably remember the recent controversial election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama that occurred in 2018. The only reason Jones even won was because Moore was such a weak candidate.

Jones shouldn’t even be in the U.S. Senate today. The fact that he’s been busted misusing campaign funds is just another reason that we need to kick him out.

It’s absolutely disgraceful that a Democrat candidate is the one representing a hardcore Republican state like Alabama. Especially when it’s a Democrat as corrupt and shady as Doug Jones.

Get him out!

Do YOU think Democrats should be FIRED from the Senate when they steal? Comment below!

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