U.S. Senate Taking Action Amid Dr. Fauci Firing Rumors


The U.S. Senate is about to take measures to block Donald Trump from firing Dr. Anthony Fauci from the Coronavirus response team.

Democrats in the U.S. Senate have just introduced legislation that prevents Donald Trump from firing Dr. Anthony Fauci and other National Institutes of Health (NIH) directors for political reasons. The legislation was introduced just days after Donald Trump shared a “#FireFauci” tweet on Twitter, which resulted in speculation that Trump might fire Fauci.

Fauci’s Future Is Uncertain

It all started when Dr. Anthony Fauci agreed to do an interview with hardcore leftist Al Sharpton recently. In that interview, Fauci appeared to throw President Donald Trump under the bus by claiming that Trump didn’t take the Coronavirus seriously enough until it was too late.

Just days later, President Donald Trump shared a tweet on Twitter that included “#FireFauci,” which caused many people to wonder if the president intended to axe Fauci for undermining his administration.

Speculation also increased at the prospect of Fuaci’s firing after Republican Congressman Andy Biggs called for Fauci’s removal.

Former Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has also called for Fauci to be fired.

Democrats Rally Behind Fauci

Just days after Dr. Fauci criticized Donald Trump’s response to Coronavirus, Democrats are hailing him as some kind of hero.

Democrat Sen. Ed Markey, the one introducing legislation to block Fauci’s firing, even went so far as to proclaim Fauci as the “most trusted voice of the science community.”

Sen. Markey even stated: “We cannot allow Donald Trump to silence Dr. Fauci or any other government scientists. Now more than ever, we must listen to our public health, medical, and scientific experts.”

It’s expected that Democrats will fully support the legislation to keep Dr. Fauci in power. However, considering that Republicans are the ones with the majority, it’s still unlikely that such a piece of legislation will pass.

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