Twitter Official Who Silences Trump’s Twitter Account Used To Be Kamala Harris’ Press Secretary (REPORT)


Giant social media companies have widely been accused of silencing free speech on the internet.

And now, we just learned this…

According to a disturbing report from the National Review, it has just been revealed that one of the main officials at Twitter in charge of removing content is a former press secretary for none other than Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris Official Heads Censorship At Twitter

The report states that, Nick Pacilio, who used to serve as Kamala Harris’ press secretary, is now in charge of deciding what users can and can’t say on Twitter. Pacilio is even the one calling the shots about what President Donald Trump can say on the platform.

The national review reports:

“Nick Pacilio, Kamala Harris’s former press secretary, is now in charge of deciding announcing what the president of the United States can and can’t say on Twitter to his 85 million followers.”

Sean Davis, over at the Federalist, was one of the first people to point out the horrifying connection, writing:

Pacilio has openly criticized Donald Trump’s tweets on the platform and is even the one in charge of silencing President Donald Trump’s account.

This discovery just further proves that Democrats are willing to do anything to win the election. Even if it means working in the highest jobs in social media companies.

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