Twitter Bans Iranian Account For Threatening Trump


It’s about time!

According to a major new report by Associated Press, Twitter FINALLY took action to ban a Twitter account associated to the nation of Iran after it made ASSASSINATION threats against U.S. President Donald Trump. It’s been reported by many people that the Twitter account is actually linked back to the Supreme Leader of Iran who was trying to threaten America.

Twitter Takes Action After Assassination Threats Against Trump

It all started when an account controlled by Iran released a picture on Twitter making assassination threats against Trump. They released a photo showing Donald Trump golfing while a drone was preparing to strike him from above with a caption saying “Revenge is certain.”

The report states that Iran is believed to be linked to the office of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei because its account mimics behavior of other accounts controlled by his office. The now-banned account frequently posted statements from the leader of Iran and other Iranian propaganda.

And now, after a lot of pushback, Twitter finally banned the account.

A Twitter spokesperson says that the account was banned for breaking Twitter’s “abusive behavior policy.”

But either way, this is clearly not enough. Enemies of America are literally posting death threats to President Donald Trump online and the only punishment they get is an account suspension? It’s time to crack down on these people.

Anyone who would threaten Trump deserves prison. End of story.

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  1. david

    January 24, 2021 1:01 am

    I was told not to wear a t shirt that I owned years ago. A pic of an atomic explosion…above it read made in the United States, and below read, tested in japan…look out Iran. This was during the Iranian crisis… 1980/81 seems even more appropriate now.


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