Trump’s Popularity Hits Record High Despite Impeachment


Democrats thought that even though they wouldn’t be able to impeach Trump, they might be able to hurt his reputation with the American people. But thankfully for Trump, the Democrats have miserably failed.

President Donald Trump’s numbers are at an all-time high in spite of the impeachment trial. Virtually every poll conducted since the impeachment movement began has shown that support for Trump is still rising.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Trump is at a “new high” in his overall approval rating. Trump’s approval jumped from 44 percent in December to 46 percent this weekend.

And another poll even shows Trump’s popularity has increased even higher!

Gallup also conducted a poll this week that is even more troublesome for Democrats. Gallup showed a 49 percent approval rating overall, with 94 percent of Republicans now supporting the job he is doing, which is an all-time high.

The Last Thing Democrats Wanted

Needless to say, this development adds insult to injury for Democrats. Not only has Trump defeated their impeachment efforts, but he is also using the situation to boost support for his candidacy for president.

Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be busy ripping up copies of Trump’s speeches, but meanwhile, Trump is just using the publicity to make himself look even better.

Even after all the Democrat efforts to hurt Trump, and all of the the censorship tactics performed during the impeachment trials – Trump is winning.

It’s time for the left to admit that 2020 is going to be a much harder election to win than they previously thought. Trump isn’t going to be defeated easily.

Unless Democrats can get their act together soon, Trump is going to be a two term president.

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