Trump’s Impeachment Could Be ERASED By House (REPORT)


Democrats used their majority in the U.S. House to push through a completely bogus impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate regarding President Donald Trump. Nobody wanted Trump to be impeached, but it happened anyway.

It was so bad that many Republicans are wondering if Trump’s impeachment should be removed from the history books in the form of an expungement. Rep. Chip Roy from Texas seems to think that it’s possible.

According to a special report by Fox News, Roy said that the “irony” in the conclusion of Trump’s impeachment case is that the American people are “almost certainly” going to give control of the House of Representatives back to Republicans because the Democrats have been “tilting at windmills and wasting the time of the American people.”

Roy said that when Republicans get “back in charge,” that they could very well expunge Trump and make his record clean. Of course, this can only happen if Republicans take control of the House again.

Fellow Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert also believes it’s possible. He recently told The New York Post that “there is precedent” in the past. He even pointed to the expungement of President Andrew Jackson in the past:

“The precedent is there and I think ultimately with the things that are going to be coming out in the months ahead, it will be all the more appropriate. More and more people will see that. So then I think by next year it will be an appropriate thing to file and do.”

It Would Change Everything

If Republicans can take the House, it would allow them to clean up the record that Democrats have so evilly tainted. Because of Democrats’ treasury there will forever be doubt about Donald Trump’s legitimacy in the history books. That’s why his record needs to be cleared by Republicans as soon as possible.
We need to clear Trump’s good name. And that means expunging this ridiculous, clown-show impeachment once and for all.

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