Trump’s Economy Sees Biggest Increase Of All Time – 17.7% In Just One Month


The liberal media REFUSES to report this.

A bombshell new report has just been released showing that showing that the economy has jumped 17.7% since the Coronavirus shutdown has started to reverse. And President Donald Trump is making sure that every American knows about it.

Just a few hours ago, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter:

“Wow! May retail sales show biggest one-month increase of ALL TIME…”

The economic jump shows that the economy is finally back on the road to recovery after the multi-month shutdown of businesses due to the spread of Coronavirus.

President Donald Trump touted a jump in U.S. retail sales as a sign the U.S. economy was coming back amid the coronavirus while predicting a jump in the stock market Tuesday. And it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening.

You can read Trump’s original Tweet below:

Transitioning To Greatness

Nearly 80% of small retailers and restaurants tracked by the scheduling tool Homebase that were closed in mid-April have since reopened, according to the Daily Mail.

Last month’s bounce-back comes against the backdrop of an economy that may have begun what could be a slow and prolonged recovery. In May, employers added 2.5 million jobs, an unexpected increase that suggested that the job market is finally going back up.

It’s looking like the worst of the Coronavirus induced recession is now over.

Media Silent

The economy is recovering more quickly than ever before in history, and yet the liberal media refuses to give President Donald Trump any credit. They continue to relentlessly bash him over everything.

It’s entirely political at this point. It’s pretty obvious that they don’t want the economy to recover. They just want Donald Trump to lose. Even if it means putting millions of people across the country out of work.

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