Trump Slams MSNBC’s Nicholle Wallace – Calls Her A “Lapdog For Fake News”


Donald Trump is sick and tired of taking abuse from the liberal media. So he’s righting back.

After MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace argued that “the right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden,” Trump really laid into her by calling her a “3rd rate lapdog for Fake News,” according to Mediaite

Trump made the comment after political commentator Mark Levin referred to Wallace as a “one of MSLSD’s stable of dimwits” in a Tweet.

Not only did Trump retweet Mark Levin’s statement, but he added a few colorful lines of his own and really went to town on the fake news anchor, saying that she was “thrown off The View like a dog”:

The Truth About Nicolle Wallace

The fact that Nicolle Wallace would defend Biden right now tells you all you need to know about her.

She previously served as a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, however, she is now a staunch critic of the Trump administration.

She’s really just a fake Republican who uses every chance she gets to bash President Trump and his policies. She’s not a Republican. She’s a John McCain liberal. And it’s because of people like her that MSNBC is dying.

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