Trump Slams Jim Acosta During Press Conference – “Hold It, Fake News CNN…”


Disgraced CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta tried to go on a rant against President Donald Trump at White House press conference. But Trump wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

According to Fox News. Trump CUT OFF Jim Acosta while he was going on an angry rant in the middle of a press conference. Trump stopped Acosta, telling him “Hold it, fake news CNN. Hold it.”

Trump Stops Acosta

In an attack against Trump, Acosta started ranting against Trump about his handling of Coronavirus, saying:

“The U.S. has so many deaths compared to so many countries around the world…”

But Trump cut him. Instead of letting Acosta disrupt the press conference, Trump chimed in, saying:

“Hold it, fake news CNN. Hold it.”

And then Trump began explaining how his administration is helping take measures against Coronavirus. You can watch the video of the encounter below:

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