Trump Secures $3.8 Billion For Building The Wall


This is one of President Trump’s finest moments. He’s actually delivering on the promises of his 2016 presidential campaign, and it could be his biggest victory yet.

On Thursday, reports have revealed that President Donald Trump’s administration has successfully secured more funding for the United States-Mexico border wall.

Here’s What We Know

So far, we know that an official announcement came from an official in the Pentagon who is connected to the Defense Department.

The announcement stated:

“Last month we received a new request from the Department of Homeland Security asking for assistance in blocking drug-smuggling corridors on Federal land along the southern border of the United States. In response, the Secretary of Defense authorized support of $3.8 billion to build approximately 177 miles of fencing that will help to protect our borders. We will continue to support DHS and other agencies as needed to keep our homeland is secure.”

The official then goes on to explain that all of this was made possible by redirecting certain funds to the project. $2.2 of the $3.8 billion was raised by transferring funds from counter-narcotics efforts. And the remaining $1.6 billion came from funds that were raised for purchasing National Guard equipment.

All-in-all, President Trump is now up to $14.8 billion in funding for the border wall.

What’s Sad About This

Although this is a huge victory for Trump and the rest of America, it certainly shows that the men and women currently serving in the Senate and Congress don’t care about protecting citizens from illegal immigration.

For instance, Congress and the Senate would not support funding the wall by voting for it. Trump had to find different ways to fund it all by himself!

How Trump Outsmarted Everyone

Trump beat everyone. He got his wall through in spite of the fact that no one would fund it.

With the wall and Trump’s agreements with Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador and his “Remain in Mexico” policy, America is finally starting to get control of its illegal immigration problem because he stuck to his guns and wouldn’t let the project die.

Donald Trump is a true leader. And this victory is proof of that.

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