Trump Says He Will Let Barron Trump Will Go To School This Fall – “It’s Up To The Governors..”


It’s official. As Democrats try to keep schools in America closed, President Donald Trump has decided to issue a personal response.

According to The Hill, President Donald Trump has just announced that he intends to let Barron Trump go to school this fall in person. President Trump also revealed that his grandchildren will also be allowed to go to school as well.

Trump Wants Barron To Go To School

When asked whether Barron Trump would go to school this fall, President Trump responded:

“I am comfortable with that, and we do have a national strategy, but, as you know, ultimately, it’s up to the governors of the states.”

Trump continued, saying that he would like to see schools fully opened:

“I would like to see the schools open 100 percent. And we’ll do it safely. We’ll do it carefully.”

Trump also pointed out that children who get the virus are at very little risk:

“Now, they don’t catch it easily. They don’t bring it home easily, and if they do catch it, they get better fast. We’re looking at that fact. That is a factor, and we’re looking at it strongly.”

ABC News released a clip of Donald Trump’s announcement. You can watch it yourself below:

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