Trump Reveals That Joe Biden Does Not Write His Own Tweets


On Saturday, President Donald Trump called out Democrat nominee Joe Biden for pretending to write tweets that he had other people write on Twitter.

According to Fox News, when Trump was asked about Joe Biden’s recent tweet on Twitter, Trump quickly replied that Biden “didn’t write that” and suggested that someone else probably wrote it.

Biden Exposed

The tweet being referred to was one released by Joe Biden that said:

“Donald Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus, but he is responsible for failing to prepare our nation to respond to it.”

When asked about the tweet during the press briefing, Trump said a “Democratic operative” wrote it and implied Biden wasn’t capable.

Trump replied:

“He doesn’t write. He’s probably not even watching right now. And if he is, he doesn’t understand what he’s watching.”

Trump later added:

“Biden didn’t write that, he wished he did, but he didn’t.”

Most career politicians like Joe Biden do not write their own tweets. And Trump knows that.

And that’s the problem with candidates like Joe Biden. They’re fake. They make pretenses to seem more relatable.

Biden Campaign Stumbles

The Biden campaign really stumbled to answer Donald Trump’s remarks quickly. Maybe that’s because they knew he was right.

According to Fox News, it took a long time for the campaign to issue a response:

“The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to Trump’s latest criticism of the tweet, but the campaign continued to make the case that Biden is better prepared to handle the global pandemic.”

The fact that Biden’s campaign didn’t refute what Trump said means there must be a lot of truth to it. Apparently Biden does NOT write his own tweets.

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