Trump Responds To CNN’s Unverified Claim That He Screamed At His Campaign Manager


The fake news media is completely out of control.

Just a few days ago, CNN ran a fake news story released by unnamed “sources” claiming that Trump was screaming at his campaign manager on the phone due to low polling numbers. As a result, President Trump has issued a public response revealing that CNN’s claim is completely bogus, according to The Hill.

It never happened. Period.

CNN Makes It Up, As Usual

In a tweet sent just after midnight, Trump blasted the news network as “fake news” and claimed that he never yelled at his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, over the phone:

“Just told that Fake News @CNN is falsely reporting that I was recently shouting at my campaign manager over made up nonsense.”

And not only did Trump say CNN’s claims were fake, but he even went on to praise his campaign manager publicly:

“Actually, he is doing a great job, I never shouted at him … and have no intention to do so.”

Trump’s Polling Numbers Are Actually Climbing

What makes CNN’s story even less believable is the fact that polling numbers have actually been great for Trump recently.

Fox News has even confirmed that a recent Gallup poll found Trump is up nearly 6 points in just 2 weeks. The new approval rating comes as the president has pivoted to guide the country on a path to slowly reopening the economy.

Trump still holds steady to his Republican base, 93 percent of whom approve of his job.

So the idea that Trump would be screaming at his campaign manager over the polls is simply ridiculous. And the fact that CNN released the report without naming the sources is also very suspicious.

The liberal media will do anything to attack Trump, even if it means releasing unsubstantiated claims about him that turn out to be false. And the worst part is that they are not going to stop. Liberal networks like CNN will continue to bash Trump for as long as he continues to be president.

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