Trump Might Replace Mike Pence With Nikki Haley


President Trump has consistently spoken well of Vice President Mike Pence. Trump has even trusted Pence spearhead the task force in charge of fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

Yet in spite of this, there are a few political analysts who think that Donald Trump may remove Pence from his 2020 ticket to replace him with someone stronger.

Pence Swap

One such analyst, according to The Hill, is former Democrat strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala – who claims that Trump is planning to swap out Mike Pence with the former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

“This is not a prediction. It’s a certainty,” Begala promised, adding that it was guaranteed Pence would be thrown “under the bus” this summer.

According to Begala, Trump is losing “college-educated white voters,” and particularly “college-educated white women in the suburbs.” Begala went on to speculate that Pence has outlived his usefulness and that Haley will help him secure the demographic that is currently “running from Trump.”

“On Thursday, July 16 — that’s the date the Democrat gives his or her acceptance address — on that day, to interrupt that narrative, Donald Trump will call a press conference at Mar-a-Lago. He’s going to dump Mike Pence and put Nikki Haley on the ticket to try to get those suburban moms,” Begala concluded.

Nikki Haley Disagrees, However

In a Fox appearance late last year, Nikki Haley rebuked such an idea, stating that the “vice president and the president are a great ticket together.”

Here’s a direct quote from her, according to The Hill:

“They’re solid. Solid enough that they’re going to win together. There is no truth whatsoever that I would ever in any way look to get that position. I think that he’s the right partner for the president.”

Ultimately, anything could happen at this point.

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