Trump LEAVES Press Briefing After Fake News Journalist Tries To Call Him A Racist


The liberal media went too far, and President Donald Trump was not going to put up with it.

Donald Trump accused the ‘lamestream’ media of conspiring together to undermine his administration on Monday after he shared heated exchanges with two reporters at a Monday press briefing and stormed off stage leaving them in the room alone.

It all started when Trump was asked by CBS News’ Weija Jiang why he sees COVID-19 testing as a global competition when 80,000 Americans have so far died from the deadly virus. He responded:

“Maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question, OK?”

CBS News’ Weija Jiang is a Chinese-American, so tried to insinuate that Trump’s attacks against China was somehow racist towards her:

“Why are you saying that to me specifically?”

Trump, realizing exactly what Jiang was up to clarified:

“I’m telling you. I’m not saying it specifically to anybody. I’m saying it to anybody that asks a nasty question.”

The completely fake allegations of racism made against Trump were so idiotic that it prompted the president to abruptly end the press conference and walk off stage.

Trump Releases Official Statement

Obviously, the liberal media is doing everything in their power to attack Donald Trump. They are trying to make him look like a racist to ruin his repuation.

It’s so nasty. And as a result, Donald Trump decided to respond to the attacks.

On Twitter, Trump wrote:

“Look how they work (conspire!) together. They are the Enemy of the People, but don’t worry, we will WIN in November!”

You can watch the whole interaction yourself below:

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