Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Slams Mike Pence Conduct – Suggests He’s “Cowardly”

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President Donald Trump’s legal lawyer is fighting back. It’s about time.

According to a new report released from The Epoch Times, Jenna Ellis blasted out on Wednesday that she is VERY “disappointed” in Mike Pence for not standing up to the election results in Congress. She even suggested that his actions were “cowardly.”

Ellis SLAMS Pence

Ellis blasted out on Twitter that Mike Pence was wrong to ignore the calls of the people. And even associated his conducted with that of “cowardly” leadership.

“We worked hard to provide him with a constitutional option to protect election integrity.”

She also pointed out that “stat leadership was cowardly first.”

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One Response

  1. Equalizer

    January 7, 2021 12:43 pm

    Pence is a Coward. He caved in, putting his tail between his legs like a shaking/shivering DOG. He will go down in history as a coward who caved into communism. He probably got richer over his
    cowardliness .


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