Trump Jr. Calls Out Clintons For Hiding Amid Epstein Allegations


Disgraced president Bill Clinton has just been accused of visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” with 2 “young girls” in an explosive allegation.

And yet, the Clintons haven’t said a word about the scandal.

As a result, President Donald Trump’s son, Trump Jr., called out the Clintons on Twitter, questioning why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been in the media. Trump Jr. retweeted a story of the allegations made against Bill Clinton, and wrote, “Not hearing much of the usual sanctimonious bs from Killary today. Wonder why?”

Trump Jr. Exposes The Clintons

Trump Jr. made the following announcement on Twitter, writing:

Trump Jr.’s comments come just days after one Jeffrey Epstein’s victims recently made the claim that Bill Clinton was on the island with two “young girls’. 

The Clintons haven’t really responded to the allegations at all. They’ve been noticeably silent after the allegations were made.

A third party, a spokesperson named Angel Ureña recently came out denying the allegations FOR Bill Clinton. But the Clintons themselves have been noticeably absent from the public eye.

What are they hiding?

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