Trump Investigates Violent Attack Of Nursing Home Patient – Issues Response


President Donald Trump just issued a surprising response on Twitter after a graphic video went viral of a man repeatedly punching an elderly nursing home patient.

The video showed a man sitting on top of an elderly nursing home patient on a bed while repeatedly punching him over and over.

Trump, in apparent disbelief and in horror of the video, asked:

“Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

It’s pretty likely that President Trump was willing to step in and take legal action himself if he found out that the man had not yet been prosecuted.

But thankfully, it looks like police have already responded to the situation.

According to the Daily Mail, the man in the video was later arrested by police for his violent assault. It’s unknown what he has been charged with.

(You can watch the video of the attack yourself. But please be warned, it contains graphic violence):

A Horrific Attack

Although the video is what caused the man to be arrested in the first place, in a surprising twist, it was apparently recorded by the attacker himself.

The video starts with the soon-to-be attacker staring calmly at the camera.

Then abruptly, the attacker starts punching an elderly person multiple times in the face. The victim tries to fight back, but can’t stop from being abused.

The abuser then grabs him by the neck and pulls him off the bed.

He then turns the camera round to show the injuries he has caused to his victim, with blood seen streaming down the old man’s face.

The suspect has not yet been identified, Fox News reports.

The Crime We Should Be Focusing On

It’s only after horrifying attacks like these that America can really come together to decide what’s really important.

Although we might easily get distracted by politics and social distancing, what we should really be focusing on is stopping abusers like this.

And that’s what Trump is doing.

The fact that President Donald Trump was willing publicly bring attention to this crime and investigate the issue further is exactly what needs to happen. More government officials should do this. All public servants should try to bring attention to these horrific crimes so that law enforcement can bring these criminals to justice.

Anyone sick enough to abuse an elderly person should go to jail. Period. And it’s crimes like these that the government should take action to prevent.

Do YOU think the attacker should go to prison? Comment below!

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