Trump Humiliates Reporter On Camera – “You Are A Third-Rate Reporter.”


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President Donald Trump is going to war with the liberal media.

During yesterday’s press conference, Trump publicly humiliated ABC’s Jon Karl after Karl tried to start an argument with the president over a supposed medical supply shortage.

Trump Sets The Record Straight

ABC’s Jon Karl tried to claim that Trump was somehow responsible for the recent medical supply shortage. And Trump wasn’t going to let him get away with it.

Trump was angry because Jon Karl tried to leave out the fact that the Obama administration that completely destroyed its medical supply to a point where it was too small to be of much use during a national pandemic.

Trump got brutal.

“See, there’s a typical fake news deal…you’re a third rate reporter and what you just said is a disgrace… you will never make it,” Trump said.

You can watch a video released of the encounter by the Daily Caller below:

The Liberal Media Lies

The liberal media is out to get President Donald Trump. They’re so biased now that they will attack him for literally everything.

The last thing America needs right now is the liberal media causing controversy. Failing networks like the New York Times, CNN, and ABC should be ashamed of themselves for trying to stir the pot as thousands Americans across the country are dying.

This is not the time to point fingers at Donald Trump’s administration. If anything, it is Obama’s administration that should be blamed for making our country vulnerable by not stockpiling supplies.

Trump was right to call out ABC’s Jon Karl. These people are a disgrace and should be exposed to the American public for their underhanded behavior.

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