Trump Family Member Takes Double Digit Lead In U.S. Senate Poll


The Trump family is taking the lead in American politics. And this new poll proves it.

According to a new poll just reported by The Hill, Lara Trump has just taken the lead in the North Carolina U.S. Senate race. The news comes even though Lara Trump hasn’t even confirmed if she will run for Senator Richard Burr’s seat.

Lara Trump Takes Lead In New Poll

Although Lara Trump hasn’t confirmed that she’s running for Republican Senator Richard Burr’s seat in the United States Senate, Lara Trump is already soaring to the lead:

In fact, private polling has found that Lara Trump is taking a double digit lead in a crowded field of current potential GOP Senate candidates in North Carolina. In fact, a recent survey shows Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law has gained a whopping 32.4% of the vote in an 8 way primary contest.

The only Republican who has confirmed that he’s running for the seat only has 3%.

According to The Hill, Lara Trump’s favorability rating is actually higher than anyone else’s as well:

“Of all the candidates included in the poll, Lara Trump scored the highest net favorability rating, as well, coming in at 66.6 percent.”

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