Trump ENDS China Trade War Victoriously


It’s official. The President of the United States has just signed “phase one” of a trade deal that will finally bring the trade war with China to a close.

At the White House, President Trump appeared alongside Chinese Vice Premier Liu He to make the decision to sign papers that will effectively end the nearly 2 year bargaining process that has been going on between China and America.

USA Today wrote the following report:

“Appearing alongside Chinese Vice Premier Liu He at the White House, President Trump signed “Phase One” of a trade deal with China on Wednesday after nearly two years of negotiations with the country…”

Without a doubt, this will bring a lot of relief to financial markets. Investors and company owners alike have been worried that a trade war could in disaster for the American economy. But thankfully, due to Trump’s hardcore negotiation skills – those fears proved to be wrong.

And not only is this great news for investors, but it’s also a massive win for the president himself.

His entire campaign of 2015 was spearheaded by the promise that he would fix the poor relationship between America and China. And now, he has accomplished exactly that.

Heading into 2020, Trump’s campaign has never been stronger. He is showing people everywhere exactly what an effective presidency looks like.

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