Trump Confirms His Private Phone Call With Joe Biden


President Donald Trump has just revealed that he has personally talked to Democrat nominee for president Joe Biden on the phone during this devastating pandemic, according to The Hill.

In a statement to reporters at the White House briefing yesterday, Trump said:

“We had a really wonderful, warm conversation. This is what we talked about…”

Trump continued:

“We talked about pretty much this. This is what we talked about. This is what everyone’s talking about. This is what they want to talk about… He gave me his point of view, and I fully understood that. We just had a very friendly conversation.”

Keeping A Secret

According to President Trump, both Biden and Trump promised each other that they would not discuss what they talked about to the media.

Their talk was completely on the record.

However, Trump did point out that Biden made a few suggestions that he simply did NOT agree with:

“We agreed that we weren’t going to talk about what we said. He had suggestions. It doesn’t mean that I agree with those suggestions.”

Trump said later that his call with Biden hadn’t persuaded him to contact his predecessors including Barack Obama and George W. Bush to receive advice on how to combat the virus.

After all, why would he? Barack Obama is the one responsible for the shortage of medical supplies in the first place!

An Act Of Unity

The fact that President Trump spoke with Biden shows that he is not against coming together.

During times like these, it’s important to push for unity as much as possible, and by reaching across the isle and speaking with Biden, who showed America that he’s willing to work with Democrats to help America overcome this crisis.

This is exactly what America needs right now. And Trump is doing it.

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