Trump Campaign Calls For CNN Analyst To Be Fired For Sharing Conspiracies About Trump’s Health


The liberal media is now pushing the baseless conspiracy theory that Donald Trump had a stroke that nobody knows about.

According to a recent report by The Hill, President Donald Trump’s campaign has just called for CNN to FIRE one of its analysts named Joe Lockhart. Lockhart pushed the baseless conspiracy theory that Trump suffered a stroke.

CNN “Analyst” Pushes Conspiracy Theory About Trump’s Health

On Twitter, CNN Analyst Joe Lockhart asked supporters if President Trump had a secret stroke, saying:

President Donald Trump’s presidential immediately responded to the allegations. Trump’s campaign called Lockhart a “lifetime failure” responsible for John Kerry’s horrible presidential campaign that lost to George W. Bush in 2004.

Trump’s campaign even released an official statement saying that Lockhart should be fired for pushing conspiracy theories about Trump’s health:

“CNN should fire Joe Lockhart, a lifetime failure who thought it was a great idea for fellow loser Michael Dukakis to put on that stupid helmet, for knowingly pushing a conspiracy theory about President Trump’s health.”

Trump’s campaign even went a step further, saying that if Lockhart had been making such claims about someone like Obama, he would be fired already:

“Great political expert that he is, Lockhart single-handedly sank the John Kerry campaign and now he’s doing the same to Joe Biden from a distance. If another CNN employee said similar things about Barack Obama they’d be fired immediately, so the same standard should be applied here. That is, of course, unless CNN is complicit in the smear campaign in order to level the playing field against Joe Biden, somebody who truly has lost a step.”

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