Trump Calls For Removal Of Section 230 After Twitter Censorship


Big tech is out of control in this country. And President Donald Trump is fighting back.

According to a new report released by Fox Business, President Donald Trump has just called for LEGAL action against Twitter and other big tech companies for “stifling free speech” in America.

Trump Wants Section 230 Removed

On Christmas Eve, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Twitter is “going wild with their flags” and “trying hard to suppress even the truth.”

Trump says that Twitter’s decision to censor free speech in America is “very dangerous” for our country. He says that it’s about time to END and REMOVE section 230, which is a law that gives big tech legal protections from being sued:

According to Fox:

“Communications Decency Act which offers protections that shield social media companies from liability in relation to content posted on their platforms by third parties. “

Do YOU think it's time to take action against big tech? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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