Trump Bans Travel To Iran After Iranian Vice President Infected With Coronavirus


The coronavirus is so powerful that it’s now reaching it’s way into the highest offices of Iran’s government.

According to a terrifying report by Iranian state-run media, the nation’s vice president for women and family affairs of Iran has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. And Trump is now taking action to restrict travel to the country due to the disease outbreak.

Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar was quarantined after being diagnosed with the extremely deadly disease. Ebtekar is one of the highest-ranked women in government in the world. And now she’s infected.

It is important to note that her job has caused her to be in very close contact with every member of Iran’s government. So there’s no telling who else might have been exposed to the deadly disease in Iran’s top offices.

It’s Time To Admit That The Coronavirus Is A Threat

Although Democrats have tried to use the coronavirus outbreak for political purposes, it’s time to admit that it’s an extremely dangerous threat to our nation.

The fact that this disease is now infecting leaders of foreign nations is proof of how dangerous this disease really is. It’s not just speculation anymore. Our national security is at stake!

According to reports, the day before Ebteker was diagnosed, she had been in close contact with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. So it’s also possible that the president of Iran could be infected soon as well.

Much of the Middle East is being infected by this deadly virus now. Just as Bill Gates recently stated would happen.

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The Solution

The only way for America to stay safe is to temporarily shut down travel between infected countries and our own. And that is exactly what President Donald Trump has done.

Trump has recently restricted travel to countries like Iran do to the growing outbreak of the virus. And this is a step that Donald Trump should be applauded for.

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is doing exactly what needs to be done regarding this disease. And yet, the liberal media still refuses to give him any credit.

Do YOU think that Trump was right to ban travel to Iran? Comment below!

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11 Responses

  1. Grace

    March 1, 2020 10:17 am

    Of course shutting down our borders is correct but theDems and media will hold it against them. The Dems and media would like all Americans die rather than admit Trump is correct.

  2. Neil Gipson

    March 1, 2020 10:22 am

    That really angers the commiecrats, now they can’t interfere with foreign relations! President Trump should send Murphy and Kerry there and leave them!

  3. William Lockridge

    March 1, 2020 11:16 am

    That may well be the stupidest question I ever heard. Of course he was right to ban travel there. Of course, there will be morons that will ignore the warnings and go there anyway, there always are. To that I say good luck, fend for yourselves, not one single American life will be risked to come rescue your dumbass. I think the elephant in the room is, why in the hell would you WANT to go there in the first place? They hate us for living and I would not be surprised If Iran itself didn’t engineer this virus hoping it would spread to America, it’s just the kind of people they are. They have no qualms about killing off a few million of their own people if it furthers their agenda. Even if I was a dumbass, liberal, Democrat, I’d consider listening to the President on this one.

    • TRUTH

      March 1, 2020 9:03 pm

      What a trashy and traitorous comment on wishing death for your insane leftist Democrat party!!! There is no Democratic about your do-nothing idiots as you fall from grace everyday just to attempt to gain power. The salvation of this country rests in the
      Republican, Conservative and kind hearts of the American people.

      The comments by BLUES, INC. shows us how these people have lost their humanity. So sad.

  4. TRUTH

    March 1, 2020 8:39 pm

    Thank heaven for President Trump. His early attack on preventing travel to questionable viral countries and monitoring the return of travelers from those countries in question, will control the spread of this viral disease. He is always criticized by the Left and he was outstandingly correct again when he took early notice of the potential problems and gathered the most qualified medical people and agencies around him for early planning on control and treatment of this disease on the American people.

    President is totally given to keep America great and safe and this is evident more and more every day. So, to the Dems and Left stop acting like spiteful children and get to work on keeping this nation safe!

    • Josephine Lara

      March 2, 2020 7:34 pm

      And you are full of BS! If anyone like you gets it please Lord let it be you and others like you! And had his command to FLY all infected on 1 plane, we would not have so many in so may places. But yet again another who knows better than he does! He does good things for us all, BUT can’t fix stupid know it all s like we have the ugly truth to deal with! BUT oh BLAME BLAME the name of the game.


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