Trump Administration Begins FIRING Obama Officials From National Security Counsel


After deep state officials conspired to have Donald Trump kicked out of office, President Trump is hitting back harder than ever before.

Trump’s administration has just announced that it will be FIRING nearly half of officials who used to work under Obama’s administration from the National Security Counsel, according to the New York Post. They’re cleaning house.

The National Security purge started in February when President Trump fired the Vindman twins from their National Security Council positions in the Trump White House. And now they are furthering the layoffs to include even more government officials.

President Trump’s national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien confirmed the decision in a private interview:

“Under previous administrations, the NSC more than doubled in size and duplicated many of the functions of DoD, State and the intelligence community. Under President Trump, we have brought the NSC back to its proper size and role as a coordinating body.”

He continued:

“To make that happen we require the best leaders, many of whom are women. Our goal is always to find the very best professionals for each job, and I am very proud of the team we have assembled at the NSC to further President Trump’s agenda.”

Obama’s Stooges Bite The Dust

The National Security became a bloated bureaucracy under Obama and Obama holdovers such as Eric Ciaramella, Alex Vindman and Sean Misko worked together to “take out” Trump.

It was so bad that Rep. Nunes even urged President Trump to move the entire National Security Counsel apparatus out of the White House and across the Potomac River.

The fact that Donald Trump is getting rid of these people is proof that he really is trying to clean the swamp. He’s doing everything he can to get rid of the deep state while he’s still president.

Drain The Swamp

For far too long, Obama and his officials were allowed to use their positions at the White House to harass and target President Donald Trump. And they have been allowed to get away with it.

These people need to be punished.

The next people Donald Trump should fire should be the FBI officials who illegally targeted him and his presidential campaign. And there are a lot of them. And not only should those officials be fired, but many of them should face criminal prosecution for their actions.

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