Troublemaker Paula Reid BOOTED From Trump’s White House Meeting


She finally got what she deserved.

Just one day after screaming at President Donald Trump and disrupting his press conference, CBS “reporter” Paula Reid was officially ordered to LEAVE a meeting at the White House. She had to be told four times to leave before she finally obeyed.

Paula Reid Kicked Out

It all started when Reid positioned herself directly across the conference table from Trump with the press pool and started to pepper him with questions after he ended the event by telling the press pool he would “see you in a little while” (at the daily briefing).

A female staffer had to order Reid four times to leave, the last warning coming inches from Reid’s face as the staffer had to physically intimidate Reid to get her to leave. The staffer did so with her arms behind her back to ensure there was no contact.

A video has been released showing Trump’s staffer saying:

“Paula… let’s go. Paula! Paula, we’re done, let’s go. Paula, let’s go, we’re finished! Paula let’s go! We’re done.”

You can watch it below:

Paula Reid Should Be Banned From The White House

It’s insane how Paula Reid is allowed to get away with actively disobeying White House officials routinely. Disobedience has become a serious habit with her. She doesn’t obey.

Just days ago, she completely disrupted one of Donald Trump’s press conferences so she could go on a wild unhinged rant against President Trump for his response to Coronavirus.

You can watch the video of the disruption below in case you missed it.

She’s not a journalist. She’s just a trouble maker.

People like her shouldn’t be allowed to get away with disrupting official press briefings. She does nothing but cause problems and acts disrespectful the whole time.

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