Tom Cotton Exposes Chris Wallace’s Misleading Claims On Camera


Registered Democrat Chris Wallace finally got what he deserved.

After Wallace FALSELY tried to blame Republicans for the insane Democrat stimulus package that gives terrorists and jailed inmates checks from the Biden administration. And he finally got called out for it.

According to new report just released by Raw Story, Chris Wallace got HUMILIATED by Senator Tom Cotton after Wallace misleadingly and FALSELY tried to blame Republicans for the fact that terrorists and felons got stimulus checks. Cotton humiliated Wallace, and called him out on national television.

Chris Wallace Humiliated On National TV

On Fox News, the registered Democrat host Chris Wallace WRONGLY tried to blame Republicans for a Democrat pushed bill that gave stimulus checks to terrorists in prison. He even tried to blame Senator Tom Cotton!

Wallace attacked the Senator on camera, BASELESSLY claiming that Republicans supported giving money to terrorists .

“Two previous COVID relief bills that you supported and voted for and that President Trump signed, prisoners also got checks in those bills.”

But Tom Cotton finally revealed what REALLY happened. Donald Trump didn’t send checks to prisoners. Instead, it was liberal groups who filed a lawsuit and made a federal judge FORCE the government to give prisoners money:

“The Trump administration, the IRS and the Treasury Department did not send checks to prisoners. Liberal advocacy groups sued to try to force that. A liberal judge said they had to.”

Tom Cotton continued, and revealed that Democrats literally voted to give prisoners money. It was one of Democrats’ biggest demands:

“This month was the first time we had a simple up or down vote on whether those checks should go to prisoners. And the simple fact is that every Democrat voted to keep sending checks to prisoners.”

The look on Chris Wallaces face was priceless.

You can watch the footage of Chris Wallace getting schooled below:

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