Texas Governor’s New Floating Barrier to Block Boarder Crossings

In Texas, leaders have decided to take action against illegal border crossings. They plan to set up a line of inflatable buoys. These buoys will stretch over 1,000 feet and help stop people from crossing the U.S. illegally from the south.

During a press conference on June 8, Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared this plan. He explained that the buoys would be installed soon, starting in Eagle Pass, Texas. The news came as Abbott signed many new laws about border security. Texas lawmakers made these laws and came with $5.1 billion in funding for the state.

How Will the Buoys Work? Abbott said, “We’re securing our border right where it is. These buoys will help stop people from even reaching the border.” The governor also stated that Texas would keep using methods that work to stop illegal entries into the country. This includes using “mile after mile after mile” of inflatable buoys.

Col. Steve McCraw, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), said the new buoy system will cost less than $1 million. The first set of buoys, adding up to 1,000 feet, will be put into the Rio Grande in Maverick County on July 7. This place is a popular spot for people who smuggle humans, McCraw pointed out.

Are the Buoys Effective? According to McCraw, the buoys will stand about four feet above the water and be tied to the bottom of the river. This will stop people from swimming under them. Tests done by DPS special operators showed that it’s tough to get over or through these barriers.

McCraw explained, “The water and the buoys’ ability to float make it hard to get through… Doing it would take a lot of effort, special skills, and special tools.”

He added, “We don’t want anyone to get hurt. We’re trying to stop people from getting hurt. We’re trying to stop people from drowning. This is a good way to do that. We don’t want people to take risks by crossing over.”

Expanding the Border Security Arsenal in Texas. Abbott states these inflatable buoys are part of Texas’ plan to secure the border. They will be used as needed, but he didn’t share any other places where they might be set up.

Abbott stated that they aim to deter as many unauthorized immigrants as possible. Even if some reach the border, they’ll confront razor wire and the full power of the Texas National Guard and DPS officers, who will not let them pass.

But only some people agree with this plan. Rodolfo Rosales, a League of United Latin Americans Citizens in Texas leader, called the plan terrible and wrong. He said it reminds him of awful things leaders have done in history to people they didn’t think were human.

With these strong words on both sides, it’s clear that this issue is a hot topic in Texas and beyond. No matter what, the state’s leaders are committed to trying new ways to secure the border.