Supreme Court Sides With Trump Over Democrats


The Supreme Court has just dealt a DEVASTATING blow to Nancy Pelosi.

According to a bombshell report just released by Conservative Brief, the Supreme Court has just officially RULED against Democrats who were trying to force Donald Trump to release his tax returns. The Supreme Court has sided with Donald Trump!

Supreme Court Sides With Trump

It has just been confirmed that the United States Supreme Court has officially ruled that lawsuits from Democrats are NOT allowed to continue. The news comes just as Democrats were trying to access Donald Trump’s finances to torture him.

The Supreme Court stepped in, saying that Democrats may NOT have access to Donald Trump’s personal finances.

The justices ordered the lower courts to dismiss the cases because they are now moot.

Good. It’s about time the Supreme Court stood up for Donald Trump against the corrupt Democrat Party. It’s time to stand up against the corrupt Democrats once and for all!

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