Supreme Court REVERSES Judge’s Order To Empty Prisons Over Coronavirus


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The Supreme Court just delivered a HUGE blow for jail inmates trying to exploit Coronavirus as an excuse to get released from prison early. It’s a big win for the Trump administration.

According to new report by NBC News, the Supreme Court has just REVERSED a federal judges order that required the government to begin moving more than 800 inmates from an Ohio prison who claimed to be at risk of catching the COVID-19 virus. The Supreme Court chose to side with President Donald Trump’s administration, giving Trump officials more time to challenge the judge’s order in the lower courts.

Democrats Are Exploiting The Coronavirus Crisis

This decision by the Supreme Court came just weeks after the liberal politcal group American Civil Liberties Union pushed to have inmates in the prison released because they claimed they were “at risk” of getting infected with the virus.

Not only that, but the group claimed that it was “impossible” for the prison to social distance, and therefore the prisoners should be released according to the lawsuit filed:

“Social distancing is literally impossible in Elkton’s 150-person communal units.”

In response to the lawsuit, lower court judges ruled in their favor and ordered the Bureau of Prisons to examine the list of 800-plus inmates to determine which could be moved to home confinement or even just be released outright.

A Big Win For Trump

This was a major issue that Donald Trump has talked about since the beginning of his campaign. Two years ago, President Donald Trump made prison reform a big part of his administration’s goals for the country.

Trump even confirmed that he wished to make it harder for hardened criminals to be let back on the streets after committing violent crimes. And this Supreme Court decision helps him accomplish just that.

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