Supreme Court REJECTS Republican Effort To Stop Mail In Voting Changes (REPORT)


Democrats just won another devastating victory in their attempt to flood this year’s election with invalid ballots.

According to a report by NPR, the Supreme Court has officially moved to allow Democrat state officials in Rhode Island to change mail-in voting rules just WEEKS before the 2020 election. Republicans challenged the rule change because they claim they make it too easy for mail in voter fraud.

Supreme Court Sides With Democrats

Democrat Rhode Island officials have successfully managed to change mail in voting rules abruptly ahead of the 2020 election after the United States Supreme Court chose to REJECT an effort by Republicans to block it.

The rule state officials passed suddenly reversed requirements for mail in voting making previously invalid ballots valid in an attempt to make more ballots counted.

Now, voters in Rhode Island will no longer require witnesses to have their ballot counted.

Republicans tried to challenge the rule change because they claimed that it would undermine the state’s voting system with possible fraud.

The state’s Republican Party expressed disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision, saying that the decision will lead to chaos:

“We fear that this decision will create more, not less confusion this election year… The June election was inconsequential, but a chaotic November election will have serious consequences for public confidence in our election system.”

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