Shep Smith Calls Fox News “Misinformation” For Not Giving Him More Airtime

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Disgraced former Fox News host Shep Smith is back in the news again. And it’s absolutely disgusting.

According to a new report by The Blaze, Shep Smith just ATTACKED his former Fox News coworkers for supporting President Trump. He claims that Fox News is nothing but “misinformation.”

Shep Smith Calls Conservative News “Misinformation”

CNBC anchor Shepard Smith scolded his former colleagues at Fox News by BASELESSLY claiming that they spread nothing but lies to the American people.

Smith even arrogantly claimed that HE was the one who tried to set viewers “straight”, saying:

“If you feel like the Fox viewers were getting mis- or disinformation, I was there to make sure that they got it straight.”

Shep Smith proceeded to freak out, claiming that Fox News was selfish for not airing him more, saying:

“And to deprive those viewers of — it wasn’t just me, there’s an entire team of people getting the news to the air — to deny them that with the thought that they might replace it with opinion instead, seemed a little selfish.”

Shep Smith is an absolute joke. The fact that this man thinks he helped Fox News in anyway at all shows how arrogantly he really is. It’s disgraceful.

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