Sen. Tom Cotton Accuses China of Hiding True Magnitude of Coronavirus Outbreak


This coronavirus outbreak is getting out of hand. And it has some people wondering if maybe China is sweeping the true magnitude of the outbreak under the rug.

One person who believes the outbreak is actually far worse than being reported is Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, who recently told Fox News in an interview on Friday: “I have very low confidence in the state of Chinese politics because their government is still lying to the world about this deadly matter.”

The Full Story

A few reports have suggested in recent days that the coronavirus ravaging China and communities around the world reached its peak in early February. The disease is now referred to as COVID-19, and has “infected more than 73,000 people and killed at least 1,875,” according to another report by Business Insider.

But sadly, those numbers might not be accurate. It’s very possible that it’s infected far more people. Which is exactly why Senator Tom Cotton is worried.

The Arkansas Republican went on to admit “that China’s scientists and doctors can, in some cases, be world-class and very professional.”

Cotton continued:

“However, they have sitting next to them at every level of government a minder from the Chinese Communist Party, and I do not have any confidence in those party apparatchiks allowing China’s scientists or their doctors to speak freely to anyone outside of China, especially officials in the United States government.”

The terrifying part about this is that Cotton’s remarks came on the same day that he revealed on Twitter that China had admitted the “coronavirus didn’t start in [a] Wuhan food market.”

Here’s Cotton’s actual warning on Twitter:

What We Can Do

It’s time for the American government to step in and fix the situation. We can’t leave deadly viral diseases to be contained by corrupt foreign governments like the one in China. This is a job for Americans to fix.

If we’re not careful, this disease could spread to America, and countless lives could be lost. That’s why President Donald Trump and his administration should step in and take charge in China.

We can’t leave important tasks like these to just anyone. Only Donald Trump has what it takes to fix the situation.

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