Sean Hannity Says White House Trying To “Buy Time” On Joe Biden’s Health


Fox News star Sean Hannity just released a serious of allegations suggestion that there may be a coverup at the White House by officials trying to hide Joe Biden’s true health condition.

According to a new report just released by Fox News, Sean Hannity just released a warning to viewers that the White House is trying to “buy time” for a “cognitively struggling” Joe Biden.

Sean Hannity Issues Urgent Warning About Biden

In a statement released to Fox News viewers, Sean Hannity demanded answers as he says White House officials are trying to cover up Joe Biden’s true health condition:

“What is going on with the president of the United States, Joe Biden? Seriously. What is wrong? The American people deserve answers. He barely has any public events. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is taking solo calls with world leaders. That would be the commander-in-chief’s job.”

Biden continued, saying Biden officials are trying to “buy time,” saying;

“See what is happening here? They are clearly trying to buy time. They absolutely know that Joe Biden is struggling cognitively. He is a walking liability … He can barely read from a teleprompter.”

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