Sean Hannity Says It’s Time For Mitch McConnell To Step Down


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell betrayed Trump and Republican voters everywhere. And now he’s paying the price.

According to a new report by Conservative Review, Fox News star Sean Hannity is now leading the charge to have Mitch McConnell REMOVED from his leadership position in the United States Senate. He’s now demanding Mitch McConnell’s resignation.

Sean Hannity Demands Mitch McConnell’s Resignation

After swamp dweller Mitch McConnell BASELESSLY started blaming President Donald Trump for the protest at the United States Capitol, Sean Hannity took a stand against him.

On his Fox News show, Sean Hannity told viewers that it’s time for new leadership in the United States Senate and that Mitch McConnell should step down.

Hannity blasted McConnell for siding with the establishment, saying:

“Senator McConnell would have more credibility with, now, his new eagerness to re-establish the Republican moderates and establishment wing of the party and repudiate President Trump, if he were consistent.”

Hannity then told McConnell that it’s time for him to resign from his leadership position in the United States Senate, saying:

“We need new leadership in the U.S. Senate. You can represent the people of Kentucky. You’re showing basically right now that you are the king of the establishment Republicans that frankly have always had, and remain having, contempt for President Trump, but more importantly, the 75 million Americans that voted for him.”

Good. Mitch McConnell has betrayed his party. He has betrayed American voters. And he needs to be punished. Period.

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