Sean Hannity Predicts “All-Out War” As Democrats Refuse To End Violent Riots


It’s going to get worse…

Fox News star Sean Hannity just issued a statement predicting that there will be an “all-out war” in the United States unless troops are deployed to take control of the deadly riots. According to the Washington Times, Hannity made the prediction as more than 5 police officers were shot the other night amid the out of control protests.

In a statement to viewers across the country, Hannity said somberly:

“This madness must stop. You cannot reason with those people that are out there burning your cities, looting these stores, hurting and attacking police officers and innocent citizens. You can’t pander to that criminal element.”

Hannity says that the situation is likely to get worse because liberal officials in office refuse to do their job to uphold the peace:

“These liberal mayors and governors who refuse or are unable to restore order, this president has said he will act and he will bail them out and he will send in federal forces to do their job.”

Hannity continued:

“If not, there will be an all-out war on the streets of all of our major cities, and make no mistake, there will be carnage, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. We need to protect our country. Law and order needs to be restored. This is not that complicated. It’s hard, it’s ugly, we wish it didn’t happen.”

Riots Are Getting Deadlier

Hannity made this statement after nearly 5 officers were shot in the line of duty the other night. So far, the violence has only continued to escalate as Democrats refuse to take control of the situation.

Just today, an officer was almost killed as a bullet bounced off of his face shield he was wearing to protect himself during the attacks, according to Fox News.

Just yesterday, a gun store owner was forced to shoot and kill someone attacking his business – all because he couldn’t rely on the local government to protect him from the violent looters.

It’s insane. And yet Democrats refuse to either condemn the action or stop it.

This is exactly why President Donald Trump needs to deploy the national military to scene. Police are not trained for such extreme situations like this. We need troops.

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