Sean Hannity BLASTS Democrats For Building Wall Around Protest Camps – “I Thought Liberals Were Against These Things…”


For years, Democrats have been calling President Donald Trump a “racist” for wanting to build a wall on America’s southern border. Democrats have spent years claiming that walls don’t work and that anyone who builds them is automatically a “racist”. They even claim that walls represent “oppression”.

And yet, after Democrat protesters took over Seattle to set up a camp headquarters, the first thing they did was… build a wall. And Fox News star Sean Hannity isn’t going to let Democrats off the hook for it. On television, Sean Hannity pointed out the hypocrisy of the left, saying, “I thought liberals were against these things.”

Just More Liberal Hypocrisy

Sean Hannity opened Friday night’s edition of “Hannity” by noting that the actions taken by protesters of Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”. They built a wall around their headquarters after spending years claiming walls don’t work.

Hannity pointed to the camps, calling the dangerous group of anarchists a “slice of socialist heaven”:

“In this little slice of socialist heaven, all police have been kicked out and the local police precinct was totally abandoned by city officials and subsequently taken over by the so-called peaceful demonstrators, which is putting everyone inside the autonomous zone at risk.”

Hannity exposed the liberal activist for discriminating against police:

“[A]rmed vigilantes, checkpoints and vandalism. And, of course, a community garden. The police are not invited. What do they call that? I thought that was discrimination.”

Hannity then exposed the liberal activists for building a wall in spite of spending years claiming that walls don’t work:

“They even built a border wall… [They have been] tough on immigration policies. That sounds like discrimination against law enforcement to me. I thought liberals were against these things and believed in inclusiveness and diversity and open borders.”

Fake Outrage By Democrats

It’s time to get real. Democrats don’t actually believe most of their own talking points.

They know that walls work. They just don’t want America to have them.

They know George Floyd’s death was NOT about racism. But they want an excuse to riot in the street and to topple statues of Conservative heroes!

The Democrat Party is anti-civilization. And they will do any and everything they can to undermine our country.

The choice is no longer between left-wing and right-wing. Instead, the choice is now between civilization and anti-civilization.

If we let the Democrat Party get their way, they will take America right back to the stone age and our country will never be the same again.

We can’t let these people win. Period

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