Sean Connery’s 91-Year-Old Widow Possibly Faces Jail Time (REPORT)


Sean Connery was a Hollywood legend who just passed away. And his widow is facing possible jail time for tax fraud.

According to a sad report released by the New York Post, Sean Connery’s 91-year-old widow faces possible jail time in the country of Spain after it was discovered that she may have committed tax fraud by not reporting certain real estate “scam” she is being investigated for.

Possible Indictments Coming

The 91-year-old widow of Sean Connery, Micheline Roquebrune, faces allegations of tax fraud in Spain that could land her in the slammer.

Spanish authorities have just stepped forward saying that an investigation involving a possible real estate scam involving Raguebrune has “not gone away” after the death of Connery back in October.

And not only that, but the Spanish authorities are planning on notifying the widow of an upcoming indictment:

“Formal requests have been sent twice to the Bahamas to notify Micheline about the prosecution indictment and the court-ordered trial against her, but Spanish officials have yet to receive a reply.”

So far, it’s not known what could happen to Roguebrune if she is indicted or not. However, it’s clear that the officials in Spain are not going to let the issue rest.

The Scam? Zoning Issues.

The scam that Spanish authorities think Roguebrune was involved in regards a certain piece of real estate that was sold in 1999. Apparently, the home, owned by Connery, was destroyed to make way for 70 apartments despite rules that only five could be built.

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Connery’s lawyers, Marbella’s mayor and six councilors were jailed in the “scam.”

If convicted, Roquebrune could face jail and a fine of about $28 million, the Sun reported, adding that she called the allegations “nonsense.”

Comment below and let us know what you think should happen next!

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