Sarah Sanders Rips John Bolton – Shares Disturbing Story About His Past


John Bolton was always a problem in the White House. And after a new statement by Sarah Sanders, we now know how bad he really was.

According to Mediaite, Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tore into John Bolton for the way he betrayed his country after a squabble with Donald Trump. Sanders called Bolton “a man drunk on power who ultimately betrayed America when he didn’t get his way.”

Sanders Shares Story Exposing Bolton’s Past

On Twitter, Sanders shared an excerpt from her book “Speaking for Myself,” describing an instance where a White House official exploded on John Bolton.

According to Sanders, Bolton thought that he was “too important” to travel with other people in his motorcade:

“Bolton apparently felt too important to travel with the rest of us. It was a running joke in the White House.”

Sanders said that Bolton made other people wait on him to show up constantly. And it got so bad that one White House official, Mick Mulvaney, exploded on him:

“Mick made clear he was the chief of staff and Bolton’s total disregard for his colleagues and common decency was unacceptable and would no longer be tolerated. ‘Let’s face it John,’ Mick said. ‘You’re a f—— self-righteous, self-centered son of a b——!'”

Bolton Thinks He’s Above The Rules

Sanders comments about Bolton come just as John Bolton has threatened to release a book which he claims details certain “secrets” about Donald Trump’s administration.

Attorney General William Barr has even suggested that Bolton may face charges if he releases the book.

I don’t know about you, but I think that John Bolton is a disgrace to the Republican Party. The fact that he would turn on his own party like this is just crazy.

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