Ruth Ginsburg Tried To Keep Her Cancer A Secret For 4 Long Months (REPORT)


Ruth Ginsburg had cancer. And she tried to keep the American public from knowing.

According to a report from Associated Press, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg secretly had cancer for 4 months before she told the public that she had it. Reports indicate that she was “likely influenced ” by the fact that President Donald Trump would “replace her if she were to retire”.

Ginsburg Waited 4 Months

The report indicates that Ruth Ginsburg waited nearly 4 months before she revealed that her cancer had returned and that she was undergoing chemotherapy.

It’s been suggested that Ruth Ginsburg’s decision to hide her cancer might be due to the fact that she doesn’t want to be replaced on the Supreme Court by a Conservative. According to the Associated Press, Ginsburg may have even been “influenced by the conservative nominee President Donald Trump would put up to replace her if she were to retire.”

Artemus Ward, a political scientist at Northern Illinois University who has written about the politics of court retirements, says that she was trying to stay out of the 2020 spotlight:

“Ginsburg may simply be trying, to the extent she can, to protect the court and herself, from becoming a campaign issue in 2020.”

Ginsburg’s Health Declining

Ruth Ginsburg health has been declining a lot in the past few years. And she’s definitely not helping herself.

According to a recent report, Ginsburg was also seen taking unnecessary Coronavirus risks recently.

A number of months ago, Ginsburg was suffering from an infection that many experts were worried was going to require an operation. Although she didn’t need the operation, it was later discovered that her cancer had returned and she was given chemo.

However, she didn’t make the news of her cancer public until recently.

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