Roger Stone BANNED By Facebook – They Silenced Him Ahead Of His Prison Sentence


Roger Stone never deserved this.

According to a horrific report by Reuters, Facebook has officially DELETED all of Roger Stone’s personal pages and Facebook accounts associated with him. They’re trying to silence him just as he tries to appeal to Donald Trump for an official presidential pardon.

Facebook SILENCES Stone

According to the report, Facebook announced on Wednesday that it officially removed 50 personal and professional pages connected to U.S. President Donald Trump’s longtime adviser Roger Stone, who is due to report to prison next week.

Facebook deleted Stone’s accounts because they didn’t like the messages he was spreading, according to statements made by sources familiar with the decision. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, reportedly made the decision personally to have Stone deleted.

Facebook officials claimed that Stone used “inauthentic behavior” to “influence public debate”:

“We expect we’re going to see more political actors cross this line and use coordinated inauthentic behavior to try to influence public debate.”

And now, Roger Stone has been silenced.

Trump Needs To Pardon Roger Stone

This news comes just days after Roger Stone’s wife officially sent a letter to President Donald Trump requesting that her husband be pardoned. According to her, Stone is the victim of a rogue FBI and hardened “deep state” that is dead set on hurting Trump and his friends.

However, President Donald Trump has signaled before that he intends to pardon Roger Stone.

A few days ago, Trump even recently retweeted on Twitter that it’s time to pardon Roger Stone, saying:

“IT’s TIME TO #PardonRogerStone.”

However, it still needs to happen. And after this, it’s very likely that Trump will pardon Stone.

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