Roger Ailes’ Widow Claims Ailes Threatened To Fire Megyn Kelly In 2016 – And That’s Why She “Turned On” Him


The widow of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes just made a disturbing claim about Megyn Kelly that’s going viral.

Roger Ailes’ widow, Beth, claims that Megyn Kelly purposely tried to get Roger Ailes fired from the network after he threatened to FIRE KELLY while she was working for the network back in 2016. Beth Ailes claims that Megyn Kelly only turned against Ailes to boost her career, according to the Daily Mail.

Kelly Accused

In a recent interview, Beth claimed that Roger Ailes called Megyn Kelly in his office and threatened to fire her. After that, Megyn allegedly turned nasty:

“Megyn Kelly was on the cover of a magazine and in the story she negotiated her contract in the press. Roger called her into her office and he told me that night what happened.

Roger Ailes allegedly told Kelly:

“You shouldn’t negotiate your contract in the press and you’re forgetting Megyn, you’re not the only one who gets to decide if you stay at Fox.”

Ailes wife says that once Megyn Kelly heard that threat, she completely changed behavior towards him:

“When he told her that, Roger said her face changed. She turned on him in that very moment and he suspected she was leap frogging him and going directly to the Murdochs to talk directly about her contract.”

Trump Praises Ailes

The news comes just days after President Donald Trump praised the former CEO of Fox News for being one of the best managers of the network.

Trump said in a recent statement in public:

“What Roger Ailes did was create somewhat of a miracle and it’s called Fox News.  Roger really opened up a world that nobody else was able to capture.”

Trump even attributed his success to Ailes, saying:

“I’m not sure that I ever would have been standing at this very powerful, important, even sacred spot: the Rose Garden in front of the Oval Office at the White House if it wasn’t for Roger.”

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