REVEALED: Troops Given HEARTBREAKING Order – Now We Know What Happened

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This is absolutely heartbreaking.

A new report has just been released revealing that U.S. Troops were ordered to “clean up” and erase any messages left for the Taliban before they withdrew from Afghanistan under Joe Biden’s orders.

U.S. Troops were literally forced to wash the side of walls and clean up their bases to be occupied by the Taliban. This came despite the fact that 13 U.S. troops were murdered.

This is absolutely disgraceful the way that our troops are being treated right now. Please show them your support.

You can read more here:

“It was a Slap in the Face:” Just Days After a Terrorist Attack Killed 13 Troops, US Marines Reveal They Were Forced to Wipe Away Messages They Left For the Taliban and Pick up Trash Before Turning Over Control of Kabul Airport

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