Republicans Move To BLOCK PAY Of Congress Members Who Refuse To Show Up To Work


It’s about time!

Republican Lawmakers in Congress are pushing to BLOCK PAY for all lawmakers who refuse to show up for work amid the Coronavirus pandemic, according to the Washington Times. The decision was made after lawmakers tried to ditch showing up at D.C. using Coronavirus as an excuse to take a vacation.

Republican Congressman Ted Budd, from North Carolina, has just called for the end of remote voting, and is demanding that lawmakers go back to work and do their job:

“In the real world, if you don’t show up for your job, you don’t get paid. The same principle should apply to our country’s representatives. If they don’t come to work, they shouldn’t receive their taxpayer-funded paycheck.”

Democrats Are Having Colleagues Go To Work Instead

Instead of just showing up to D.C. to do their job, House members like Nancy Pelosi are now using something called “proxy voting,” where they assign one of their employees to go to D.C. to vote instead.

Needless to say, this is absolutely ridiculous. Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi are using the pandemic as an excuse to stay home while putting their own employees at risk.

And this isn’t just a small issue. As of Thursday, 73 lawmakers had assigned their votes to someone else for at least some action this week. And there will probably be more.

Republicans Fight Back

In response to the inappropriate behavior by Democrat lawmakers, Republicans are now pushing a bill that would “withhold” paychecks from lawmakers who make use of the designated voter.

The bill was launched after House Republicans sued this week to block “proxy voting” by Democrats, arguing it is unconstitutional because the Constitution requires lawmakers to be present to form a quorum.

But Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi don’t care. They’re still using “proxy voting” even though it completely goes against the Constitution and allows lawmakers to work even less than they already were.

Politicizing The Virus

It’s pretty clear what Democrats are doing right now. They’re using Coronavirus as just another excuse to skip work and have someone else carry their burden.

This represents all that’s wrong with this country. Our country shouldn’t allow lawmakers to skip work in D.C. during these difficult times. It’s during pandemics like this when lawmakers should be working more, not less.

If they don’t work, then they shouldn’t be paid. Period.

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