Republican Lawmakers Take Action Against Iran With New Request


It’s finally happening. Republican lawmakers are finally standing up to Iran.

According to an explosive report just released by The Washington Free Beacon, Republican lawmakers in Congress have just stepped forward DEMANDING that Iran’s recent development of materials used in nuclear weapons be investigated. Congress members are calling for an official investigation as Joe Biden’s administration has remained mostly silent on the dangerous development.

Republican Lawmakers Step Forward

Reports have just been released confirming that Republican lawmakers are finally petitioning the House Foreign Affairs Committee to investigate “Iran’s nuclear program, their support for terrorism, and their attempts to intimidate our allies.”

Republican lawmakers are calling for manual reviewal of possible threats Iran poses to the rest of the world, writing they want to “review existing policies and programs designed to counter the full range of Iranian threats.”

The news comes just as Joe Biden and his DISGRACEFUL administration have revealed in recent days they intend to start helping Iran join nuclear treaties with the United States despite being caught by the United Nations producing nuclear projects capable of producing nukes for war.

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