REPORT: John Kerry Has A Strange Relationship With Chinese Slave Labor

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We’re not being sensational.

John Kerry’s public relationship with human trafficking and slave labor is one of the most horrifying scenes in American politics today. Sadly, few media outlets are bold enough to call it out.

Not only does John Kerry seemingly profit from the horrible crime, but he even refuses to condemn it publicly.

John Kerry’s “Blacklist” Connection

One of the very few outlets to report on Kerry’s secret Chinese profits is Washington Free Beacon, who released a recent report detailing how Kerry “holds a $1 million stake” in a financial firm that “is not only invested in a tech company blacklisted for human rights abuses but is also a major shareholder in a solar panel company linked to labor abuses of the Uyghurs.”

The tech company in question? Hillhouse China Value Fund L.P.

Financial documents reveal that John Kerry owns “over $1,000,000” in Hillhouse, according to company filings.

This mysterious and shady financial firm is reportedly one of the largest investors in companies like GCL-Poly and Daqo, which are Chinese companies accused of human rights violations.

In fact, the United States government blacklisted the companies, claiming they were “participating in the practice of, accepting, or utilizing forced labor involving Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups.”

What Has John Kerry’s Response Been?

Despite these damning revelations, Kerry has chosen to be mostly silent about the entire situation.

In fact, when confronted about human trafficking and slave labor in China, John Kerry actually tried to change the subject. According to reporting by the New York Post:

“Well, we’re honest…. but that’s not my lane here.”

That’s a pretty big topic to shrug off like it’s nothing.

Instead, Kerry seems more interested in lecturing average, everyday Americans on topics like climate change.

If anything, John Kerry should be forced to answer these questions. It matters to the people he communicates with and represents. The people deserve to know where he stands.

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